Sunday, September 30, 2012

Make Your Own Plug-In Refills

Everyone loves a great smelling home, but why pay an arm and a leg for it. Yes, I keep my house clean, but I like to have a plug-in here and there to make sure the house is on the up and up (esp. around the litter box). I bought the Frebreeze plug-ins, but the refills are $6...yup I am that cheap. So I took off the lids and filled them up myself with castor oil and orange oil. Total cost per refill: about 50-75cents.

It's simple...take off the lids, fill 80% with castor oil (or any other cheap carrier oil) and about 10 drops of any essential oil.

Boom! Your house smells good and you got your thrift on!

At Home Tattoo Removal

Some of us have them, the lucky ones don't.....the awful tattoo that you would kill to get rid of.

This not-so-lovely tulip tattoo was the result of one too many margaritas and I regretted it the next day!

I have already been through laser and could not afford to go down that route again, so I started searching online for an alternative. Did I mention I also tried Wrecking Balm with no results??

Forgive me for not taking pics of the entire process, but I had no idea this would work so well. The results were truly astonishing.

The Beginning:
Here is a pic of my wrist tattoo from a few months ago. Sorry for the lack of close ups, this was the best pic I could find.

This is how simple it is:

I took a half a cup of kosher salt with a half a cup of water and rubbed on my tattoo (with a soft cloth) for 30 minutes, continuously dipping my rag in the salt water.  Honestly the first 20 minutes just felt like a salt scrub, but the last ten was a bit stingy.  I also was drinking wine and would highly suggest watching some smut on t.v. to keep yourself distracted.

The following day I put my wrist under water and sprinkled on some salt for a second treatment. *Salt has been used for centuries to treat wounds/infections because it pulls all of the impurities out of your skin. I let that salt sit for about 20-30 minutes and then gave it a good rinse with Dial antibacterial soap.

The area will get slightly bloody, so it needs to be treated like any other wound. Keep it clean! It is NOT my fault if you are dirty and get an infection!!

I  got a lot of flack afterwards when my scab was gross, but now people are simply amazed that my tattoo has been totally removed. So here comes the gross pics..... 

 And here we are 5 weeks later. I still have an area that reminds me of my tragic bike accident of 2009, but I know in time my skin will be completely back to normal.

And here is my 7 month update...barely recognizable! You can still see some traces of black ink, but I can totally live with that!

Be kind to your skin, keep the area moisturized (esp during the scabbing process). I used lots of coconut oil and Eucerin multiple times a day.

Scroll down for the gross scab pics....

This was about two days afterwards:

About 2 weeks later, the scab came off with the whole fudging tattoo!! Crazy!