Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Root Succulents

I am a simple girl and I don't really feel like instructions need to be over the top complicated. Propagating is something you have to jump into and learn as you go, failure and all. 

So, here is my easy breezy guide to rooting:

I got these lovely succulents at a wedding, they were  all connected to one stem (without roots) so I cut off each one (as far down as I could) to make separate plants.  Each one was put into a can of water until sufficient roots grew, about a month. Make sure to change out the water every week or so. 

After roots formed, I potted the plants into a homemade succulent soil, half sand/half soil. Easy enough? Make sure the soil is soaked b/c those roots are used to a constant water bath.  

Boom! Now onto making more plants!!! 

If you want to continue propagating  pick off the leaves as close to the stem as possible. Place them on top of soil in a pot and spray them everyday with water. Do NOT put the leaves in the soil, just on top. Place the pot in a window that gets partial sun, you don't want them to freak out with too much heat. This rooting takes a good 2 months, so be patient and spray daily! 

Some of the leaves will die off, it's just the nature of the game. 

Sexy huh???

Be delicate when planting these new little babes!  Make sure that you have slightly moist (but not wet) soil, scoop out just a bit of dirt, and place the cutting in it. Try to just cover the roots (not the entire clipping), and continue to spray daily until the new plant gets strong. Place in full or partial sun.  Happy rooting! 

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