Thursday, July 12, 2012

Organizing Embroidery Thread

I can be a very sloppy crafter at times, even though I am super anal about cleanliness and organization.  Recently I threw a ladies sewing party and was a bit embarrassed at my hectic and random sewing/craft boxes. I needed to get my craft life in order.

 I love embroidery thread, and have tons of it, but never knew how to keep all of the leftovers in check. A friend of mine suggested a super easy way to get them in order quick, easy, and cheap. This is only a bit of the mess I had in one of my boxes:

Take cardboard (just check your pantry for cereal boxes, etc.) and cut out two layers in an "H" shape. The multiple layers is for sturdiness. Glue or sew the two pieces together. I happened to have my machine out for the first round (in brown) and used glue for the second (white cardboad).

Wrap up your thread:
And that's it! You're thread is officially somewhat organized for your next sewing party. Show it off ladies!

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