Monday, February 24, 2014

Bags & Backpacks for Your Littles

I'm pretty sure that every expecting mom registers for a baby bag, and as much as my mommy friends insisted I NEEDED one, I just couldn't get on board. They are massive, bulky, unattractive, and quite frankly unnecessary. I just didn't want or need one, and after 2 newborns, 3 babies under one, and a toddler, my decision stands firm.  Maybe it's just me, but I never saw myself as the mom that packed everything but the kitchen sink for a trip to the grocery store. I think we live in an age of being over prepared for everything and buying excessively, and I have always preferred the minimal life. I bought a MamaRoo because quite frankly a baby swing is a must have item, but I don't think that my babies need multiple  "baby stations."  My point is don't think that you HAVE to have everything BuyBuyBaby recommends.  Go with your gut (and style) and remember that mommas have raised babies without activity saucers, jumperoos. light up play gyms, and vibrating chairs for generations. 

Wait weren't we talking about bags?? 

I have been using a simple camo green toddler backpack for all of my babes and it works just great. I keep a pack of wipes in the car ALWAYS, and only need to pack bottles, a change of clothes, snacks, and diapers. But since we are raising kiddos in foster care and have weekly visitations, one bag was just not cutting it. Using one bag and rotating everything out for every visit and my own personal use was just plain stupid and taxing on my already chaotic mind.  I needed more bags and have been on the hunt for stylish sacks for my babes (and myself). There is a world of wonderment outside of the Kate Spade baby bag with a built in changing pad, personal massage therapist, pacifier wipe pocket, and wine glass nook inside of the fifteenth pocket. Get my point? It's just too much!

My favorite finds:


                                           Indie Nook Totes (Several Other Styles Available) $10
                    Totes are great for visitations b/c you only need to pack the necessary items for 2 hours. 

Echino Toddler Backpack - Weepereas - $45

Reusable Lunch Bags by OhLittleRabbit $16
Great for packing lunch or a bottle set up

                                               Shinzi Katoh Insulated Lunch Bag - $27.50


Insanely cute toddler backpacks by SWANKAROO $37
These sell out fast! Follow swankaroo on Instagram for updates on inventory.

Bunny Backpack - My Sweet Muffin $27.50

Herschel Settlement Kid's Backpack - My Sweet Muffin $39.95

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