Monday, February 17, 2014

Great Books for your Littles

As a new mom, I am constantly on the hunt for fabulous books for my babes. My mom was an avid book collector and I inherited about 200 baby books from her, but now that I am reading 5+ a day, I have noticed a massive influx in the donation pile. I absolutely adore the classics like Goodnight Moon (great for 'last call' sleep training), Eric Carle, The Carrot Seed, etc. but there are a ton of terrible reads out there!! Some have awful morals, boring story lines, or no story at all, and it's pretty frustrating to think that all of this junk is getting published.  I'm not going to name any names, but that one mousy ballerina is a little snot!

I will spare you from the baby book trash talk and focus on some must have finds for the new generation of readers. 

Art Books:

Petit Connoisseur: Art - Karen Salmansohn

Andy Warhol's Colors - Susan Goldman Rubin

Learning Colors, Numbers, & Animals:

Classic Lit:

Must have books from Jennifer Adams

Just too cute:

I will always be a sucker for Moonbear's adventures by Frank Asch

Mama's & Papa's- your baby loves looking at pictures, but she also loves to hear you talk. It is NEVER too early to start reading chapter books to your little ones. One of my babes (10 months) loved it and every night we read Harry Potter. No, she didn't get the story line or remember the characters, but she was getting at least 20 minutes of calm bonding time. If your little one does not like bedtime, but loves reading, take it up a notch with a big kid book. It's a great way to wind down those busy bodies!

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