Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Make your own ridiculous art

I am no artist, but I love all things original. You will never find an art poster in my house or Crystal's for that matter. So here is a guide to making your own fresh pieces with a little help from one of my best friends, Mod Podge.

Things you will need:
Old frame
Any piece of "art"
Mod Podge
An old credit card or any plastic card laying around
Wet rag

Take an old frame, remove the glass, and paint the backing board.

While drying, pick out the art piece. I have been dying to do an Olivia Soprano piece for months, but you can use a newspaper/magazine clip, your kid's art, or vintage paperwork....like this old report card from the 60s:

For this project, I took craft paper and printed out my favorite lady and quote. Line it up to get a good feel.

Squeeze out the Mod Podge on the backing board and front of the picture.

Rub the Mod Podge over the picture and scrape out the air bubbles and excess glue with your card.

Take your rag and wipe up the glue around the edges of the picture.

Bask in the glory of your finished piece. Go on, brag about it.

Additional Mod Podge work:

This is a piece using a magazine cut out-

And Crystal's marvelous collage work-

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