Sunday, May 1, 2011

Creamy Texas Cole Slaw

This is a massive recipe (enough for about 10 people), but it's very difficult to find 1/2 heads of cabbage so....might as well just go all the way with it.

1 head green cabbage
1 head red cabbage
5-6 carrots
1 cup mayonnaise (preferably homemade)
3 TBS sour cream or creme fraiche
2 TBS grated shallot or onion
2 TBS sugar
2 TBS vinegar
1 TBS dry mustard
1 tsp celery salt
salt and pepper to taste

Remove dead and nasty top leaves from the cabbage and cut into four parts

Cut out the root

Shred cabbage

Wash and drain

Cut up carrots. I like chunky slaw, but you can cut to any desired consistency. This is America!

Combine all remaining ingredients in a bowl and mix

Pour over cabbage and carrots and mix with tongs

You can eat this right away, but like a good soup, cole slaw is SO much better the next day. Should last in your fridge for a least a week.

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